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Solar Soundscape nr1

In the image above solar tracks are both visible and audible.

The image was taken on Svalbard (Spitsbergen) in the summer of 2015.Prinsen used long exposure camera techniques to capture the sun's tracks. He also wanted to hear the sound of this image and had the idea to connect the solar tracks to sound by using them as the grooves of a vinyl record. He invited designer Temo Gonzalez Moreno to work within that framework and create a solar soundscape.

Gonzales used the sun's intensity as a source of information for a digital translation to sound. The musical sound follows the solar tracks and builds a growing sphere. In the track you will hear the intensity become stronger as each new solar track is added to the existing sphere. After the highest peak, comparable with the longest day in a year, the sound will gradually become softer again.

Both artists are inspired by this collaboration and have plans for future undertakings.

We recommend you to experience the image and sound together in full screen,
please use the video below.

Project Shapes of Time, long exposure images of Svalbard
Artist Temo Gonzalez Moreno

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