LIRA copyright

commissioned film 2D hand drawn animation • authorship

In February 2014, LIRA  went to court for better shares of profits made by cable companies. This short film premiered in court on that day.

LIRA is a Dutch collective management organization (CMO) for (screen)writers, translators and freelance journalists.

On August 27 2014 the Amsterdam Court judged that cable companies have illegaly been exploiting the author’s rights to their share in profits made on television programs they wrote. The court judged that LIRA owns the right to claim the share for writers on the profits cable companies make by selling television programs to their clients.

This commissioned job was a very interesting to work on. It touches issues close to my heart, so it felt incredibly good to be able to use the power of good writing and animation to create a clear and touching view on the matter.  I was working closely together with LIRA and copy writer Wijbrand Schaap to make sure we had all the information right, but still maintain a lively and fun film.

At that point in time the lawyers and this clip made their point.
The judges agreed in favor of LIRA.

Fun fact. I had to find the looks for the main character, a leading person in this short film. In this case he was sitting right in front of me from the start of the project: mr. Schaap himself became the model citizen to be taking on the large corporate beings in this clip. As he does often in real life.

producer: Wijbrand Schaap
script: Daan van Elk, Wijbrand Schaap, Udo Prinsen
director & animation: Udo Prinsen
animation production: Carambolas Films
voice over: Tuffie Vos
Music & sound design: Jorge San Martin Beuk

commissioned by Lira foundation, 2014