Utrecht | Portland

Currently I am curating a design exchange between wood designers from Utrecht, the Netherlands and Portland, Oregon, USA.

Utrecht and Portland have many things in common. Both cities are vibrant with cultural diversity, and keen on growing as a green economy hub. The vibe is somewhat similar, anyone who has been in both places feels that. A friendly, laid back atmosphere with lots of room for creative initiative.

To celebrate this friendship, we are creating a cultural exchange with a focus on wood design. I found that through present day wood design we can visualize this lively, diverse atmosphere of both cities and symbolize a lasting sustainable friendship by using slabs of wood harvested through so called Urban Lumber.  Through this principle we can give new life to wood that otherwise would be thrown away or burned.

Please follow this link to the project website.

Participants Utrecht
Rob de Looff • musical boxes
Merieke Werdler • wooden rings
Thomas Geurts • wood turner

Participants Portland
Portland Razor Company  • Authentic razor knifes
Kevin Poest • woodturner
LRDesign • furniture

City of Utrecht
City of Portland
Sustainable North West Woods
Epilogue Urban Lumber

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